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Where is Zapopan Located

Although Zapopan is actually an independent city, it belongs to the agglomeration of Guadalajara. The center of Zapopan is the Plaza de las Américas with some interesting sights. The pride of the inhabitants is the pilgrim church Basílica de la Virgen de Zapopan. Every 12th of October there is a huge procession in honor of the Virgin.

Where is Zapopan Located
Where is Zapopan Located

Only very few residents know exactly where Zapopan starts, the border with Guadalajara is fluid and doesn’t really care. Together with the suburbs of Tlaquepaque, Tonala and some other municipalities, the big city of Guadalajara is being formed. But the fact is also that Zapopan is the second richest municipality in Mexico after the San Pedro Garza García district in the Monterrey metropolitan area. Correspondingly modern and exclusive are some upscale residential areas, such as Providencia, San Javier or Puerta de Hierro with the luxurious shopping center Andares.

What is Zapopan known for?
Is Zapopan in Mexico or Canada?
Where in the world is Zapopan?
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