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Where is Wisconsin Located

Wisconsin is a state of the United States of America. The name Wisconsin is the English version of the French adaptation of a name of the Miami-Illinois for the Wisconsin River with the meaning “the red lies” (referring to the sandstone on the river). The nickname of Wisconsin is Badger State (“badger State”) or America’s Dairyland (“America’s dairy Country”). The state supports the latter because of its intensively operated dairy industry.

Where is Wisconsin Located
Where is Wisconsin Located

In terms of area, Wisconsin ranks 23rd among the 50 US states with 169,639 km2 and is about two and a half times the size of Bavaria. 28,976 km2 (17%) of the national territory are water areas and 46% are covered by forest. There are about 15,000 lakes and large forest areas in Wisconsin, so that numerous tourists regularly travel from the greater Chicago area to the neighboring state located to the north. Geographically, Wisconsin can be divided into five regions: the northern Lake Superior Lowland covers an area along the Upper Lake. To the south of it are the Northern Highlands, which are characterized by mixed and coniferous forests, including the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and thousands of glacial lakes. With Timms Hill, the highest point of the national territory is also located here. In addition to fertile farmland, the Central Plains have some remarkable sandstone formations. The Eastern Ridges and Lowlands in the southeast are home to the state’s largest cities. The Western Uplands show an alternation between forests and farmland.

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