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Where is Wiesbaden Located

Wiesbaden is located in the state of Hesse, has 15 assigned postcodes and is located as the crow flies 33 km far from Frankfurt am Main. It is 149 km by air to Cologne.

Where is Wiesbaden Located
Where is Wiesbaden Located

As an independent city, Wiesbaden covers an area of 203.87 km2 (square kilometers). The district responsible is Wiesbaden, the state capital. Administrative District: Reg.-Regarding. Darmstadt.

It is about 491 kilometers as the crow flies from Wiesbaden to the federal capital Berlin.

Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse. Almost 300,000 people live here. After Frankfurt am Main, it is the second largest city in the state of Hesse. Wiesbaden is also one of the 25 largest cities in Germany. Wiesbaden is located on the Rhine. The river here is also the border with the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz, is located on the other side of the Rhine.

The Romans already knew the warm springs that exist in Wiesbaden. They founded a settlement at the sources. At the time of Charlemagne, the settlement got the name “Wisibada”, the bath in the meadows. That’s where her current name comes from.

The Wiesbaden City Palace used to belong to the Counts of Nassau, a noble family. The Hessian State Parliament is meeting there today.
From the 12th century until modern times, Wiesbaden was ruled by the noble family of the Counts of Nassau. Their property belonged to Prussia from 1866. After the First World War, French soldiers occupied Wiesbaden. As the capital of Hesse, it has been part of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1949.

Today Wiesbaden has many districts that used to be their own cities, such as Schierstein or Biebrich am Rhein. The three districts of Mainz-Amöneburg, Mainz-Kastel and Mainz-Kostheim used to belong to Mainz, as their name says. But Mainz is located on the other bank of the Rhine. Only the three places with Mainz in the name are on the Hessian side. They are like small towns of their own, but belong to Wiesbaden.

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