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Where is Wenzhou Located

Wenzhou, with its 1.3 million urban inhabitants and 7.4 million inhabitants in the region, is located on the eastern part of the Qujiang River Valley in Zhejiang Province. The port city is the center of the “Golden Chinese Coastline” and is located about 420 km south of Shanghai.

Where is Wenzhou Located
Where is Wenzhou Located

The city has an airport and is the center of light industry. Worldwide, 80% of disposable lighters are produced in Wenzhou, 25% of shoes, 10% of textiles and 35% of glasses produced in China are produced in Wenzhou. Further focal points are the production of electrical parts, spare parts for the automotive industry, packaging material and printed products. The CILIP Fair, which takes place annually in Wenzhou in October, is experiencing an ever-increasing international interest.

Private initiatives and investments in Wenzhou are supported by the state. The region is one of the most developed market economies in China.

In terms of tourism, the mountains in the hinterland of Wenzhou, especially the Yandang Mountains, are a jewel that has not yet been discovered internationally.

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