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Where is Weifang Located

Weifang is a county-level city in Shandong Province, China. Weifang is traditionally known for its wood carvings and for its handmade kites, which are made here in factories. While food production plays a major role in rural Weifang, Weifang is also a typical example of lively urbanization today. The student city is characterized by the student life of the university. Unlike the metropolises, the city of Weifang is an experience that only a few tourists get, because we are also a special feature there as a German delegation. Here you can still explore the traditional life in China. Cultural highlights can be experienced in the museum or in the surrounding area, which is characterized by numerous, large-scale recreation parks. Weifang has gained international fame through its kite festival, where visitors and kite fans from all over the world come.

Where is Weifang Located
Where is Weifang Located

Fixed excursion destinations in Weifang

A visit to the Dragon Museum is a must. Hundreds of kites from all over the world can be admired on the large area.

A visit to a kite factory or the diesel engine factory should not be missed either.

The apricot mountain at Anqiu is wonderful to look at. Just as everything in the Palatinate is full of vineyards, the large apricot groves impress here.

A traditional Chinese tea ceremony will be attended.

When visiting the art school, the fellow travelers can get to know traditional Chinese calligraphy and create their own paintings.

Things to Do in Weifang

Weifang also has vertical vegetable production facilities, where the vegetables are grown in high-rise buildings. Which technology is behind it can be explored on an excursion.

There are many typical examples of large-scale Chinese recreational landscapes in the surrounding area. The typically designed landscapes with temples, lakes and sceneries can be explored on an excursion.

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