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Where is Virginia Located

Which state is Virginia in the US?

The state of Virginia – actually: Commonwealth of Virginia – is located on the Atlantic coast of the United States of America. The capital is Richmond. Virginia has the nickname Old Dominion – old dominion – and is also called the President’s State, because many presidents of the USA came out of it.
During the Civil War, the parts of the state located in northwestern Virginia split off and became an independent US state: West Virginia.

Where is Virginia Located
Where is Virginia Located

Virginia covers a total area of about 110,785 square kilometers and is thus ranked 35th in size compared to the other federal states. The national territory is on average 290 meters above sea level. The highest elevation in Virginia, at 1,747 meters, is Mount Rogers, which is located in the west of the state. The lowest point of the state is found on the Atlantic coast at sea level. Virginia is bordered to the north and northeast by Maryland and Washington, D.C.; to the east lies the Atlantic Ocean. To the south, Virginia borders on North Carolina and Tennessee. Its western neighbor is Kentucky, and to the northwest is West Virginia.

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What part of country is Virginia?

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