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Where is Uppsala Located

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden and one of the oldest in the North. Here is the residence of the Archdiocese, whose cathedral is the tallest church building in Scandinavia at 118.7 meters. About 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, the city is located on the flat Uppsala plain. Because of its ancient history, Uppsala is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sweden.​

Where is Uppsala Located
Where is Uppsala Located

The origins of Uppsala lie a few kilometers to the north, in today’s Old Uppsala (Sw: Gamla Uppsala). In the Viking age, Uppsala was a religious, economic and political center. The pagan temple is said to have been located here, and archaeologists have found many boat tombs from the 8th-11th centuries. Since ancient times, the three large burial mounds have also been located here, which, according to popular belief, are the tombs of three mythological kings. After Christianization, Old Uppsala became a bishopric. Im 13. However, in the seventeenth century the seat and the cathedral church were moved to what is now Uppsala.

In the Swedish university town of Uppsala, people are looking for ivory towers in vain: the green city on the Fyris River is quite relaxed despite its academic achievements. Discover historical sights and the young scene with many cafés and restaurants.

Cultural highlights, exciting history and a lively university life make Uppsala an international tourist and student magnet.

The largest church in Scandinavia, the oldest university in the north of Europe and mystical Viking royal tombs: Swedish Uppsala can easily compete with the capital Stockholm in exciting sights.

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