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Where is Turin Located

The capital of Piedmont – Turin – is located about a hundred kilometers southwest of Milan and just as far northwest of Genoa. In addition, to the southwest and west of it are the well-known French cities of Nice and Grenoble at a distance of about 150 kilometers.

Which part of Italy is Turin
Which part of Italy is Turin

Which part of Italy is Turin?

italian name: Torino
geographical location: located on the Po River, about 100 kilometers from France in the west and Switzerland in the north
Height above sea level: 239 m
Capital of the Piedmont region and the province of Turin
Population: 901,000
Percentage of foreigners: 14.1%
Economy: Automotive industry (FIAT), computer science, electronics, film industry, banking, insurance
Tourism: 4.5 million arrivals, 9.9 million overnight stays
Universities: Università degli Studi di Torino and Politecnico, a total of about 100,000 students
Partner city in Germany: Cologne
License plate number: TO

Where is Turin Located
Where is Turin Located

Once of Celtic origin, the city was settled by the Ligurian Celts Taurini, which, however, was annexed by the Romans in the first century BC, when they began to build a military camp here and, along with it, a whole city. After the Romans, the Castra Taurinorum was first taken over by the Lombards and later by the Franks – who appointed bishops as heads of government. But already at the end of the 13th century. At the end of the seventeenth century, the Duke of Savoy took possession of the city and one of his successors appointed Turin, now called Turin, as the capital of his duchy in 1563. Under the dukes, the local university was founded in 1404. During the War of the Spanish Succession in 1706, the city was besieged by the French for over a hundred days, but could never be taken by them. Thus, it remained in the possession of the House of Savoy until the unification of Italy. Although it was no longer a ruling capital, Turin became one of the economic capitals of the country, which was particularly highlighted by the founding of Fiat and Lancia.


The name Turin stands for the capital of the province of the same name in the northwest of Italy. It is a little further to the sea from here, but the surroundings and the city itself quickly make up for this distance. Turin only takes a few minutes to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Turin became famous above all for the production of cars, because it is here that the Fiat plant is located, whose sparkling small cars are so often associated with the relaxed life in Italy. Vacationers can get an overview of the vastness of the city on the Lingotto building, from which you can even see the Alps in good visibility. The cityscape itself is characterized by large palaces, castles and residences of former rulers. Turrets, battlements, columns and illuminated masterpieces of architecture appear again and again during a city walk through Turin.

Is Turin in France or Italy?
Why is Turin famous?
Is Turin in France?

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