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Where is Tulsa Located

Where Tulsa stands today, there has long been an urban life on a comparatively modest scale. The Muskogee Indians, as indigenous people, gave the square the name “Tulsy” , which in their language means “old city”. The beginnings of a city on the European model, on the other hand, do not become apparent until the late 19th century. After the establishment of a trading post and a post office, the first white settlers also arrived in 1882. They traded, by the way, very successfully, with cattle, before a large oil well was found in the nearby Red Fork shortly after the turn of the century. Only a few years later, another huge oil deposit was also discovered nearby. From then on, it took only two decades for Tulsa to become the vibrant oil capital of the whole world.

Where is Tulsa Located
Where is Tulsa Located

The rapid rise and big money completely changed Tulsa. But the city didn’t just grow. They also wanted to show that they had style and class. The best architects were just good enough to build in the then fashionable Art Déco style. To this day, the city benefits from this. Only New York and Miami have more Art Déco buildings in the USA than Tulsa.

Oklahoma is a US state that not only delights its visitors with great landscapes and a cinematic Wild West past. Oklahoma also has sights and how Americans themselves find cities worth living in. That’s especially true of the state’s number two, Tulsa. With a population of around 400.00, it does not come close to the capital of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) in terms of size, but that does not matter to the magnificent city. In fact, it is at the top of the scale of the cities with the best quality of life – at the national level.

Where you live well, it can also be good as a tourist. Best hotels, great restaurants, music and nightlife, lots of cultural facilities, shopping experience anyway and an endless number of opportunities to do something in the fresh air. Welcome to Tulsa!

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Why is Tulsa so famous?
Where in the USA is Tulsa?
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