Where is Trujillo Alto (Puerto Rico) Located - Where Located

Where is Trujillo Alto (Puerto Rico) Located

Where in Puerto Rico is Trujillo Alto?

This municipality was founded in 1801 under the patronage of the Holy Cross. It is known as the “City of the Springs”, “Village of the Eight Streets”, “The City in the Countryside” and the “Village of the Arrecostaos”.

Where is Trujillo Alto (Puerto Rico) Located
Where is Trujillo Alto (Puerto Rico) Located
Trujillo Alto
Trujillo Alto

There are several versions regarding the origin of this last cognition. It is believed that it comes from how the houses built in the mountains of the village look. They are so close to each other that they seem to be lying down. It is also believed that it may be related to the alleged custom of Trujillanos to lie down. Another version links it to a cow-shaped rock formerly located in the village. It was a meeting point for the neighbors, who leaned back from it while they talked. This stone was removed from the village and placed on the banks of the Rio Grande de Loíza.

Trujillo Alto has 75,728 inhabitants (2000 Census). The area of the municipality is 54.6 km2 (21 mi2) and is organized into the neighborhoods: Carraízo, Cuevas, Dos Bocas, La Gloria, Quebrada Grande, Quebrada Negrito, Saint Just and Trujillo Alto Pueblo.

In the past, its soils were mainly used for livestock and agriculture. It was harvested on their lands: coffee, sugar cane, guavas, rice and tobacco, among other products. However, in recent decades, the municipality has undergone accelerated development, marked by an increase in the housing construction sector and the proliferation of commercial establishments.

Born of the desire to preserve the green areas and the nature of the town, the Doña Inés Park was conceived in Trujillo Alto, a project of the Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation, which aims to create an urban lung and propagate endemic tree species in danger of extinction.

Also, in an effort to preserve rural traditions, the municipality recently took the initiative to create a new musical proposal: the “seis trujillano”. The tenths recorded for the first six Trujillanos are allusive to the neighborhoods, traditions, customs and culture of Trujillo Alto. It also houses the headquarters of the Troubadour Children’s School.


The municipality of Trujillo Alto is located in the northern part of Puerto Rico. It borders with San Juan to the north and west; with Caguas and Gurabo to the south and with Carolina to the east. It belongs to the Northern Coastal Plain and the Karst zone. The relief of Trujillo Alto consists mainly of humid hills. Its vegetation is typical of humid tropical forests.Its highest elevations can reach between 656.1 and 1,640 feet (200 and 500 meters) above sea level; these are located, mostly, in the southern part of the municipality, in the Quebrada Grande neighborhood. According to data from the American geological cadastre, the elevations along the course of the Grande de Loíza River fluctuate between 32.8 and 65.6 feet in height (10 and 25 meters).

Trujillo Alto is watered by the Grande de Loíza River, which crosses it from south to east; by the streams: Colorada, Infierno, Limones, Naranjo, Grande, Pastrana, Haya Fría and Maracuto and by the Carraízo reservoir. This lake is the largest in Puerto Rico, covering 533 square kilometers (206 square miles). Its original capacity is 20,000 acres/ft, almost 25 million cubic meters. It supplies drinking water to the metropolitan area of San Juan.

Trujillo Alto has an important reservoir that supplies water to several surrounding villages. The Carraízo Dam, built in 1954, also serves as the main source of water in the metropolitan area.

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