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Where is Trondheim Located

The city of Trondheim is located in central Norway (about 190,000 inhabitants). It is located directly on the Trondheim fjord of the same name, as well as at the mouth of the Nidelva River. The national shrine of Norway is located in Trondheim: the Nidaros Cathedral, which has an ornate rose window. From Trondheim you can take wonderful kayak tours on the Nidlev.

Where is Trondheim Located
Where is Trondheim Located

Even art and culture lovers will quickly close their hearts to Trondheim. The city has a rich cultural offer and is e.g. also the headquarters of the Trøndelag Symphony Orchestra. Trondheim is also a lively student city. It is here that the NTNU – the technical-scientific University is located. This is the largest higher educational institution in the country. And did you know that Trondheim has become a leading “bicycle city” in Norway, where there is even its own bicycle lift?

The history of the city is strongly intertwined with the history of Norway, as evidenced by many popular attractions. Trondheim, as a major commercial center of Norway, has a distinct cultural life, which offers a variety of offers throughout the year.

The main attraction of the city is the Nidaros Cathedral, which was the coronation place of the Norwegian kings in the Middle Ages and from 1818 to 1906 – seven kings were crowned and ten were buried here.

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