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Where is Texas Located

Texas is the largest state in the USA after Alaska and is about the same size as Germany, Italy and Switzerland combined. With a population of around 30 million, however, only about a fifth as many people live in Texas as in these three countries. Most Texans live in the big cities. The largest is Houston, followed by San Antonio and Dallas. The capital is Austin.

The name of the state comes from the Indian word “tejas”, which means “friendship”. The Americans gave Texas the nickname “Lone star State”, in English “Lone Star State”. This is because there is a single star on the Texas flag.

Where is Texas Located
Where is Texas Located

Which state is Texas located?

Texas is located deep in the south of the USA, near Mexico. The weather is usually very hot and dry. However, there are always violent summer storms with heavy rainfall. Because Texas is so big, the landscape is also extremely varied. A lot of land is prairie or desert. In the west there are many high mountains and equally deep canyons, that is, river valleys. On the border with Louisiana it is swampy. There are many sandy beaches on the long Atlantic coast.

Outside of the largest cities, Texas is only very sparsely populated. Few people live on a large area. Some rich peasants even own several thousand square kilometers of land, which corresponds to the area of such metropolises as London or Moscow.

Is Texas in south or North America?
How many states in Texas?
Is Texas in USA or Canada?

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