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Where is Tangshan Located

Tangshan is located in China in the Hebei region. About 7,100,000 inhabitants live in the East Asian metropolis of millions.

Tangshan is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, about 4412 km north of the equator at latitude 40 and about 9208 km east of the prime meridian, at the 118th longitude.

Where is Tangshan Located
Where is Tangshan Located

At exactly the minute at 10:20 a.m., Hainan Airlines flight HU490 lands at Beijing Airport. A fast and convenient connection from Berlin to the metropolis of China. The delegation from Germany, led by BWA Senate member Rainer G.P. Dumpff, who has been mediating between interest groups for decades as a mediator, will be brought to the opening of the second “CaoFeidian Port-Related Industry International Investment and Trade Forum China“ without a stay. The 90-minute drive takes you through a pleasant green and well-kept landscape. The Tangshan catchment area covers about 14000 km2 with a population of almost eight million people. The region has the name “The Golden Place” thanks to its estimated gold reserves of 80 t. In addition, the region is rich in mineral resources, coal, iron ore and petroleum.

More than 700 guests were invited to the forum opening, including 225 from Japan, 118 from Korea, 42 from Singapore and other delegations from the USA, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Macao. The great international interest shows that this region, which has not yet been discovered by German companies, has a lot to offer.

Is Tangshan a city in China?
Is Tangshan a country?
What province is Tangshan China?
What happened in Tangshan China?

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