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Where is Tampere Located

Tampere is the sauna capital of the world – but it has much more to offer. It is located in the middle of the lake district and is a picturesque place on a narrow isthmus between two large lakes. The rapids that flow through the city center are surrounded by old red brick industrial buildings, which now serve as restaurants, cafés, museums and shops. The compact center makes Tampere ideal for walking and gives the place a friendly small-town atmosphere. Outside the old town there are many beautiful neighborhoods with picturesque views of the surrounding lakes.

Where is Tampere Located
Where is Tampere Located

The fascinating cultural sights, the relaxed atmosphere and the numerous attractions for children as well as the surrounding countryside make the city the number one destination for Finns in their home country.

There is a lot to see and do, but here are the best places for culture, food and things to do with the kids.

With over 200,000 inhabitants, Tampere is the second largest city in Finland after Helsinki. But you can’t see that at first glance, she rather exudes a lively small town charm.

Here the Finns love their art, the theater and good coffee. If you want to learn more about this interesting city, you should take a few days to do so.

What is Tampere Finland known for?
Which part of Finland is Tampere?
Is Tampere a city in Finland?
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