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Where is Taizhou Located

Taizhou is located in China in the Zhejiang region. About 5,968,800 inhabitants live in the East Asian metropolis of millions.

Taizhou is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, about 3190 km north of the equator at latitude 29 and about 11118 km east of the prime meridian, at the 121st longitude.

Where is Taizhou Located
Where is Taizhou Located

What country is Taizhou in?

With its 612356 inhabitants, the city is on the 93rd place in the People’s Republic of China.
Taizhou is located at an altitude of 6 meters above sea level.
The following alternative spellings of the city of Taizhou are known to us: Tai, Tai-chou, Tai-chou-shih, Tai-hsien, Tai-hsien-cheng, Taichow, Taizhou, 泰州市.
Location of Taizhou City:
Coordinates: 32° 29 36 N, 119° 54 29 O in degrees, minutes, seconds
Latitude in decimal notation: 32.4933333
Longitude in decimal notation: 119.9080556

Is Taizhou a city in China?
What is the nearest port to Taizhou city?
What is the population in Taizhou Zhejiang?

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