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Where is Taiwan Located

Taiwan is the name of an island. It is located in the east of Asia. The mainland of China is 130 kilometers away. The island is slightly smaller than Switzerland, but has three times as many inhabitants.

Where is Taiwan Located
Where is Taiwan Located

However, the island and some smaller islands do not belong to the People’s Republic of China, but to a separate state. The state of Taiwan is called “Republic of China”, in the past it was often called “National China”. He considers himself the real China.

As one of the very few countries on Earth, Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations. But it is a rich country whose economy is doing well and whose inhabitants are doing well.

The “Republic of China” was founded on the island of Taiwan in 1950. It is not recognized as a sovereign state by many countries, including Germany. The People’s Republic of China considers the island of Taiwan (Formosa) and the islands belonging to it as part of its territory.

The island of Taiwan is separated from mainland China by the Formosa Strait. The country is very mountainous with numerous peaks over three thousand meters high. Only a quarter of the country is lowland. Until the end of the 80s, Taiwan experienced a huge economic upswing. It is one of the emerging countries of Asia that is successfully developing from an agricultural to an industrial state. Today it is one of the most important trading stations in the world. The standard of living in Taiwan is one of the highest in Asia.

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