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Where is Sydney Located

Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia between the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains. Sydney is the oldest and with more than 4 million inhabitants also the largest city of Australia. It is the capital of the state of New South Wales. The capital of Australia is Canberra. The area of the city is about 4000 square kilometers.

Sydney is the oldest and most populous city in Australia and the most important economic center of the country. Of particular cultural importance are the Opera House, opened in 1973, and the Australian Museum. In 2000, Sydney hosted the XXVII. Summer Olympics.

Where is Sydney located in the world?

Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales and at the same time the largest city in Australia. Not only the good location near the Blue Mountains in the interior, but also the beautiful coastal sections with their numerous bays and sandy beaches make Sydney extremely attractive. The multicultural metropolis is one of the most important world cities thanks to its enormous economic, political and cultural influence. In addition, several large institutions have already ranked Sydney as one of the most liveable cities on Earth. The wide range of sights, the numerous events and the interesting history make the federal capital an extremely popular travel destination. In recent years, about half of all international visitors to Australia (about 3 million people) landed at Sydney International Airport. In addition, there are the local travelers, who make up about 8 million visitors a year.


Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a fantastic location on a wide natural harbor basin. She was spoiled by nature: e.g. by miles of white sandy beaches right on the doorstep. The cultural diversity of the city is due to immigrants from the most diverse countries, including a very active gay and lesbian scene, the annual highlight of which is the colorful mardi Gras – the largest “love Parade” in the world. There is no shortage of labels for this fascinating metropolis: “Paris of the Pacific”, “Blue Dream” – it’s best to look at Sydney yourself. With a high degree of probability, you will be delighted.

The city has huge dimensions: the greater Sydney area covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers. By comparison, Paris has 1,200 square kilometres and Berlin just under 900 square kilometres. The city centre with its tourist highlights and the area around the opera house are manageable and pedestrian-friendly.

In the Olympic year 2000 Sydney became the “World-City of Sports”. In the Olympic free time, Melbourne is a constant competitor for the title of “Australian sports capital”. The “clean, green Games” were the best advertisement imaginable for Sydney. In July 2008, Sydney hosted the World Youth Day of Catholics.

Sydney is the oldest settlement in Australia, founded by Europeans. Today it is the capital of the state of New South Wales and has about 3.6 million inhabitants.

Sydney is located on the Pacific coast of Australia. The port of the city, Port Jackson, got its name from JAMES COOK, who landed here in 1770. A few years later, the first convict ship from Great Britain docked, and the first governor of the British colony of New South Wales founded the settlement of Sydney Cove in 1788.
In the following period, Sydney also developed into the most important port of call in Australia for immigrants from all over the world. With the immigrants, the city grew to become the most populous metropolis in Australia today.

But among the metropolitan cities of the country, Sydney is also in the first place in other areas. With its high-performance industry, many large service companies and the largest stock exchange, Sydney is the most important economic center in Australia.

As an educational and cultural metropolis, Sydney also stands out among the major Australian cities. There are three universities and a larger number of universities of applied sciences, institutes and academies. Culturally, several theaters, museums and the opera provide entertainment. In addition, Sydney is also the seat of an Anglican and a Catholic archbishop.

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