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Where is Suzhou

The charms and contrasts that we find in China are enormous and many travelers are surprised by the great expanse of fascinating natural landscapes that this huge country and historical cities like Suzhou offer us.

With a unique culture, discovering each province of China is like getting into different countries, because the culture and traditions are very different from one point to another, despite having Confucius and his legacy as a common denominator.

Where is Suzhou Located
Where is Suzhou Located

Leaving its importance as the center of the silk industry in the past, Suzhou is currently one of the most visited cities in China thanks to its canals, stone bridges, pagodas and impressive gardens.

Things to see in Suzhou
Suzhou is a very welcoming city and each of its corners is full of charm, from the narrow streets that run along its canals, to its many and well-kept gardens. These are some essential recommendations:

Gondola ride along the canals: Suzhou is known as the “Chinese Venice” because of the canals that run through the city. A gondola ride can be a good way to see the city from another point of view.
Humble Administrator’s Garden: Built in the sixteenth century by order of a retired magistrate, this 12-hectare garden is made up of pleasant lakes, traditional pavilions and lush vegetation.
Ping Jiang Road: Ping Jiang Road is one of the most pleasant streets in the city. It still retains the old cobbled pavement and the shops maintain the traditional architectural styles as if no time had passed.
Shan Tang Jie Street: Although the old buildings in this area were renovated some time ago, this more than 1,500-year-old street runs along one of the canals constituting a beautiful promenade full of small shops and quiet cafes.

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