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Where is Suzhou Located

Suzhou (Jiangsu) is a city in China. It is located about 1029 km south of the capital Beijing. About 10,466,000 inhabitants live in Suzhou (Jiangsu).

Where is Suzhou Located
Where is Suzhou Located

Suzhou is located west of Shanghai in the heart of the Yangtze Delta. The city is known for its pretty canals, bridges and classical gardens and is therefore also called the “Venice of the East”. Particularly attractive, for example, is the “Garden of the Humble Official”, created in 1513, which has many small bridges and interconnected ponds and islands. The “Garden of Staying”, on the other hand, scores with a fascinating limestone mountain world, elaborately designed observation pavilions and the 7-storey cloud rock pagoda. In addition to the city’s gardens, the Museum of Opera and Theater, the Silk Museum and the Suzhou Museum attract visitors.

Is Suzhou part of Shanghai?
Is Suzhou a city in China?
What 2 things are Suzhou famous for?
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