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Where is Stuttgart Located

In welchem Bundesland befindet sich Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Over 600,000 people live in Stuttgart. This makes it the largest city in Baden-Württemberg and the sixth largest in Germany.

Where is Stuttgart Located
Where is Stuttgart Located

The many slopes are typical for Stuttgart. The city center itself is located in a cauldron, through which the river Neckar flows.

Stuttgart was founded in the 10th century. From the 15th century dukes, later electors and from 1806 the kings of Württemberg lived here. In 1952, the present state of Baden-Württemberg was created, and Stuttgart became the capital.

The old station building of Stuttgart. There is a dispute about this building, because the city of Stuttgart wants to demolish it and build a new railway station. However, many people see the building as an important landmark of Stuttgart and complain about the demolition.
Stuttgart is known in the world as the headquarters of Daimler and Porsche, two large companies that produce cars. One of the inventors of the car, Gottlieb Daimler, lived in Stuttgart. in 1886 he began to install a motor in a horse-drawn carriage. The Mercedes brand vehicles emerged from his company. Porsche and Daimler have museums in Stuttgart, where many vehicles that were built earlier are exhibited today.

An essential landmark of Stuttgart is the TV tower. There are also such towers in other cities, but Stuttgart had the first one. It was the first television tower to be built of reinforced concrete and was the first to have a tower basket below the antenna. There is a restaurant in this tower basket. This too was new and was imitated in many places.

Wilhelma has many visitors. This is a combined animal garden and plant garden. A distinctive feature is gorilla kindergarten. Young animals from other zoos that have been abandoned by their mothers are taken there.

The state capital of Baden-Württemberg is the center of the economic area of the Middle Neckar. It is located with the center in a basin of the Neckar and extends with its suburbs to the heights of the adjacent plateaus.

Leading industrial sectors are vehicle construction, the production of electrical appliances and the electronic industry. Mineral springs are used in the districts of Bad Cannstatt and Berg. Stuttgart emerged from a stately stud farm before 950, became a city in 1219 and was the residence of the Counts of Württemberg since 1482.

In welcher Richtung liegt Stuttgart?
Wo auf der Karte liegt Stuttgart?
Was befindet sich in Stuttgart?

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