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Where is Stockton Located

Stockton is located in USA in the state of California. The North American city has about 397,300 inhabitants.

Stockton is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, about 4228 km north of the equator at latitude 38 and about 9663 km west of the prime meridian, at the -121st longitude.

Where is Stockton Located
Where is Stockton Located

Stockton is centrally located in the north of California’s Central Valley and is the thirteenth largest city in the state and the administrative headquarters of San Joaquin County. The dynamic, multicultural city has about 300,000 inhabitants. Stockton is located on the San Joaquin Delta, a waterway connecting the city with the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River rivers. The largest inland port in California is located in Stockton and is located just 134 km east of San Francisco and 72 km south of Sacramento, the capital of the state.

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