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Where is Sri Lanka Located

Sri Lanka is located in South Asia. On the map you will find it southeast of the Indian subcontinent in the Indian Ocean. Until 1972, the island still bore the name Ceylon, after the main island of the country. Perhaps you know the famous Ceylon tea, which was named after the island. In addition to the main island, there are another 23 islands. The country is 65,610 square kilometers in size and does not quite correspond to the state of Bavaria in terms of area.

Where is Sri Lanka Located
Where is Sri Lanka Located
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered on the map …
If you take a close look at Sri Lanka on the map, then the island is reminiscent of a drop in its shape, some also think of a pear. From north to south it stretches for 435 kilometers, and from west to east it stretches for 225 kilometers. Wide sandy beaches stretch along the coasts and flat land characterizes most of the island. Sri Lanka is divided into three geographical zones with different altitudes.

By the way: bright beautiful country is simply translated as “Sri Lanka”. And anyone who sees pictures of this country understands the name.

Which country does Sri Lanka belong to?
Is Sri Lanka Asia or Africa?
Is Sri Lanka Indian?
Is Sri Lanka poor or rich?

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