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Where is Sparta Located

Where is Sparta located today?

Few sights in the Peloponnese are more imposing than the huge mass of the Taygetos Mountain, towering over Sparta on the western horizon. To the east, the Parnon Mountains border the Spartan plain. The ancient Spartans boasted that they did not need fortifications, because the Taygetos and Parnon mountains served as defensive walls. Today, around Sparta, lush olive and citrus groves stretch across the fertile plain watered by the bottle-green Eurotas River.

Where is Sparta Located
Where is Sparta Located

“This is Sparta!” – you’ve probably heard this phrase before. The scene, which has been circulating on the Internet as a meme for years, comes from the well-known film “300” (FSK 16) from the year 2006. It takes place in the year 480 BC and is told from the point of view of a Spartan soldier named Dilios, who is fighting in the battle of the Thermopylae (part of the Persian wars). The Spartans are portrayed as brutal warriors and the film is full of action and violence.

Of course, the strip is a fictional, dramatized narrative, but what is it really about Sparta? In this article you will get a little closer to this famous polis of Greek antiquity.

Do Spartans still exist?
Who destroyed Sparta?
Is Sparta Greek or roman?

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