Where is Southfield (Michigan) Located - Where Located

Where is Southfield (Michigan) Located

City is located in Michigan, United States of America. Southfield is located 1 km from the Lawrence Institute of Technology and 32 km from the Camp Agawam Training and Activities Center. The nearest lake, Wing Lake, is 9 km away. The nearest beach, E. V. Mercer Beach, is 19 km away. The nearest museum, Cranbrook Museum & Library of Art, is 10 km away. The nearest park, Brauer Preserve, is 59 km away. The nearest castle, Franklin Castle, is 169 km away. The nearest town, Oak Park, is 6 km away.

Where is Southfield (Michigan) Located
Where is Southfield (Michigan) Located
Southfield (Michigan)
Southfield (Michigan)

What city is near Southfield Michigan?
What side of Michigan is Southfield?
Is Southfield considered Detroit?
Is Southfield Michigan a nice place?

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