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Where is South Carolina Located

Where in the US is South Carolina located?

South Carolina is a state of the United States of America and, like North Carolina, was named after the Latin name Carolus for the English King Charles I. The nickname of South Carolina is Palmetto State (“palm state”). In the far northwest, South Carolina has a share in the Appalachians. South Carolina has an area of 82,932 km2 – which is slightly smaller than Austria – and has about 4.6 million inhabitants, of which about 30% are African American. The current capital is Columbia. The traditional capital is Charleston on the coast. South Carolina voted on 23. The Constitution of the USA was ratified in May 1788 and is therefore the 8th founding state of the USA.

Where is South Carolina Located
Where is South Carolina Located
South Carolina
South Carolina

South Carolina is bordered by North Carolina to the north, Georgia to the south and west, with the Savannah River forming the border between the two states. Other major rivers are the Pee Dee (after the Indian people of the same name) and the Wateree. In the estuaries of these rivers there are extensive swamps. In the east, the state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

The highest elevation is the upstate, which contains a spur of the Blue Ridge Mountains that runs as far as Georgia and North Carolina as part of the Appalachian Belt. The Sassafras Mountain is also the highest mountain in South Carolina at 1085 m.

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