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Where is Södermalm Located

The Swedish capital Stockholm stretches as the “Venice of the North” over 14 islands. A very popular district is Södermalm, which is located in the south of Stockholm. Often the district is called only “Söder”, which in German also means south.

Where is Södermalm Located
Where is Södermalm Located

From the factory hall to the picture gallery
As a central district of Stockholm, Södermalm has become a meeting place for creative designers, artists, students and trendsetters. However, this is not so much due to an impressive architecture, but more due to the still low rental prices in sometimes less attractive settlements, often in block construction.

Not only for shopping, but also for going out, Södermalm has a great attraction for locals and tourists with chic cafés and modern bars. This is especially remarkable when you know that Söder used to have many factories whose mostly low-paid workers populated the district.

Södermalm, the former working-class and poor district of Stockholm, has changed over time into a trendy district, but still retains the old authenticity. Where workers and craftsmen used to live, many artists and young people have now settled. Therefore, nowadays in Södermalm you can find second-hand shops in addition to designer shops, unusual restaurants, cafés and pubs as well as interesting galleries and good entertainment, such as in the Södra Teatern. The Södra Teatern has a time-honored but at the same time very modern stage on which many concerts are given.

Södermalm is located beyond the boat lock and the Slussen transport hub and is easily accessible from Gamla Stan, the historic Stockholm city center on Stadsholmen. The Slussen Lock was built in the middle of the 17th century to bridge the gap between Mälaren and the Baltic Sea by Christopher Polhem, who also designed the Trollhättan Lock. In 1930, this transport hub was also adapted to the requirements of urban car traffic.
If you now try to climb the steps up to Södermalm, you will get a great overview of the well-thought-out traffic intersection, the tourist magnet Gamla Stan, the island of Djurgården in the east or the Finland ferries in the west. For those who have tired their feet due to the stroll through the city, the Katarinahissen offers a good opportunity to comfortably overcome the steep slope between Slussen and the Mosebacke Torg.

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