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Where is Shenzhen Located

Shenzhen benefited from its proximity to Hong Kong at an early stage and is now one of the most important economic centers in China.

Shenzhen is one of the most important economic centers in China
Shenzhen is characterized by dynamic growth and high innovation activity
Shenzhen is the city with the highest per capita income within the People’s Republic of China

Where is Shenzhen Located
Where is Shenzhen Located

Shenzhen at a glance
Shenzhen is located in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, twelve million inhabitants
“young” city: average age of the population under 30 years
rapidly growing, attractive business location with special economic zone, emerging financial center, stock exchange
seven (technical) universities and other scientific institutions, 570 vocational schools and many vocational training centers for adults, Asia-Pacific International School
attractive theme parks such as “Splendid China Miniature Park”, “Window of the World” and safari Park
Excursion destinations with tourist facilities such as Silver Lake, Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beach
Shenzhen is located in the southern part of Guangdong Province, bordering the New Territories of Hong Kong to the south. The provincial capital of Canton (Guangzhou) is 140 kilometers away. Thanks to the Dapeng Bay in the east and the Pearl River Delta in the west, the city has eight seaports. China’s flagship business location is developing into the country’s high-tech center: around 35 percent of production comes from high-tech companies that are replacing old industries such as the textile industry and mechanical engineering. Already, 50 percent of the products of Chinese information technology are manufactured in Shenzhen. The rapidly growing metropolis is also rapidly establishing itself as the financial center of southern China.

What’s Shenzhen famous for?
Is Shenzhen part of Hong Kong or China?
Is Shenzhen A rich city?
Why is Shenzhen important to China?

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