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Where is Shaoxing Located

The Baltic Sea in Shaoxing, called Shaoxing Donghu in Chinese, is located on the foothills east of the city of Shaoxing and consists of a water zone and a mountain zone. The garden is located to the south on the Ruoze Mountain Range, which stretches from east to west for a length of 2000 km. The site was originally a slate hill. From the Han period, stone was broken at this place. In the course of more than a thousand years, the mountain thus became an extremely steep, 50 m high rock face and a 200 m long and 80 m wide lake. This lake was the preform of today’s Baltic Sea.

Where is Shaoxing Located
Where is Shaoxing Located

Tao Junyi (), a notable calligrapher and garden designer in the Qing Dynasty, was a native of Shaoxing. When he saw this pictorially beautiful place in his homeland, he built a dam. Outside the dam is the East Zhejiang Canal, inside the dam a closed lake was formed, namely the Baltic Sea. There is beautiful scenery everywhere here. Two stone bridges span the clear water, the Qin Bridge (Qin Qiao, 秦桥) and the Xiachuan Bridge (Xiachuan Qiao, 霞川桥). There are two caves in the lake, the Cave of the Holy Peaches (Xiantao Dong, 仙桃洞) and the Cave of Lord Tao (Taogong Dong, 陶公洞). It is recommended to go into the two caves with a local small boat.

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