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Where is Sao Paulo Located

São Paulo or simply “Sampa”, as the inhabitants of São Paulo (“Paulistanos”) affectionately say, is known as the multicultural and economically strong mega-metropolis of Brazil. São Paulo is surprisingly versatile: fast and exciting way New York, chic and charming de Paris, disciplined and educated like Tokyo, conservative and lively like London, creative and cool like Berlin.

Where is Sao Paulo Located
Where is Sao Paulo Located
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo

The metropolitan region “Grande São Paulo” with its almost 21 million people is home to 10% of the population of Brazil. There are twelve million people living in São Paulo itself. This makes it the largest city in Brazil before Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo is a melting pot of nations: the population of the megacity is a melting pot of Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Lebanese, Jewish and Japanese immigrants who have mixed with the indigenous population over the centuries. Immigrants from all countries of the world give the mega-metropolis a versatile face, by 1900 about 90% of the inhabitants of the city had immigrated. The cultural, restaurant and entertainment offers can easily compete with any other cosmopolitan city.

São Paulo is often labeled as a juggernaut and is therefore not on the list of popular holiday destinations for tourists in Brazil. But if you give the city a chance to get to know it better, you are quickly captivated by its liveliness and sheer infinity. You will fall in love with this city because it is a creative, vibrant and impressive city full of culture, architecture and cuisine.

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