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Where is Santa Cruz de la Sierra Located

Which country is Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia?

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the third largest city and at the same time the business center of Bolivia.

Geographically, Santa Cruz is located between the Río Piraí and Río Grande rivers in the tropical lowlands.

Where is Santa Cruz de la Sierra Located
Where is Santa Cruz de la Sierra Located
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Economically, the city can be described as a “Boomtown”, because it has grown rapidly in recent decades due to processing agriculture and natural gas reserves. Therefore, it is not surprising that Santa Cruz is the most modern, dynamic and richest city in Bolivia.

The city is well connected in terms of transport. However, Santa Cruz is not an important tourist destination as a city. Worth seeing is the Basilica Menor de San Lorenzo, the cathedral of the city.

There are several national parks nearby. These are Amboro National Park, Kara Iya National Park, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park and Lomas de Arena Dune Park.

Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia – but it is not the capital. Located in the southeast of the country and at some distance from the Andes, the city is left out by most tourists on a trip through Bolivia. Thus, despite its size and importance for the country, it is not part of the “Gringo Path”, which runs through the Andes in the west of the country.

But Santa Cruz has a convincing advantage: it is located at a relaxed 437 meters above sea level and has an international airport. For us, the city was therefore an ideal starting point for the journey through South America. Soak up the sun for a few days and then climb the Andes bit by bit from there and hopefully avoid the unpleasant altitude sickness.

There are not many classic sights in Santa Cruz de la Sierra – I can already anticipate that much. The best way to explore the city is to take a relaxing walk or to cure the jet lag on a shady park bench.

For a little more adventure, it is worth taking a train ride from Santa Cruz to the east of Bolivia – far away from the tourist trails. But that’s another story.

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