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Where is Santa Cruz (California) Located

The town of Santa Cruz belongs (from oldest to youngest) to the state of California and Santa Cruz County.

Before stepping on the soil of California, there are many references that had come to me from this land. Again, cinema and television shaped my idea of the place and by extension, of the trip. In this post, it’s the turn of Santa Cruz, a city that will sound to many because it is a well-known clothing brand, but that we also have associated with the world of surfing. It was a stop that I really enjoyed maybe because of the low expectations and because beyond its more touristic side, we discovered its day to day life and imagined living there. We would have stayed a good season!

Where is Santa Cruz (California) Located
Where is Santa Cruz (California) Located
Santa Cruz (California)
Santa Cruz (California)

With all that, we only stayed one day; actually not even a whole one, but it was enough for us to love it. We didn’t have too much time and we wanted to see a lot of things, but we definitely think it’s worth it, even when you don’t have too many days.

Where is Santa Cruz in relation to San Francisco?
Which part of California is Santa Cruz?
Is Santa Cruz expensive to live?
Why is Santa Cruz so famous?

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