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Where is San Salvador Located

The capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, with its 316,000 inhabitants today, was founded in 1528 in the highlands of the state. Since the city is located at the foot of the Boquerón volcano, it has been hit several times in the course of history by earthquakes of varying strength, which destroyed most of the colonial-era buildings. After all, it can present itself with an old historical center, including the cathedral with its impressive mosaic facade, the National Palace, as well as the National Museum with a comprehensive collection of ancient Native American art and everyday objects. The church of El Rosario and the relief map in the Military Museum are also interesting. In a volcanic crater in the east of the city is Lake Ilopango, which with an area of 72 km2 is the largest natural lake in El Salvador.

Where is San Salvador Located
Where is San Salvador Located
San Salvador
San Salvador

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Where is San Salvador now?
Is San Salvador in USA?

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