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Where is Samoa Located

Samoa is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, in the middle of Polynesia. It consists of two main islands called Upolu and Savaii and two tiny islands called Apolima and Manono.

Where is Samoa Located
Where is Samoa Located

Here is an overview of the size of the islands:

Savaii with an area of 1718 square kilometers
Upolu with an area of 1125 square kilometers
Manono with an area of 3 square kilometers
Apolima with an area of 1 square kilometer
Two thirds of the people live on the island of Upolu. The capital of the country is called Apia and is also located on the island of Upolu. There are also some islands that are not inhabited. The length of the coastline is 400 kilometers.

Samoa is located about 2890 kilometers from Auckland, about 4000 kilometers from Sydney and 8400 kilometers from San Francisco. The neighboring islands are Tonga to the south, Fiji to the southwest, Tuvalu to the northeast, Tokelau to the north and the Cook Islands to the east.

What country is Samoa a part of?

The larger islands are of volcanic origin. That is why rugged mountains can be found in the interior of the country and the highest mountain in the country, Mount Silisili, reaches a height of 1858 meters. It is located on the island of Savaii. There are other high mountains such as Mount Mata’ga with 1714 meters, also on Savaii, and Mount Teélagei with 1617 meters. Also on the island of Upolo there is a volcanic mountain, which is called Mount Rito and is 1079 meters high. The smaller islands are formed from coral reefs.

Is Samoa part of Hawaii?
What race are Samoans?
Is Samoa part of USA?

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