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Where is Salvador (Brazil) Located

Where in Brazil is Salvador located?

The Brazilian city of Salvador is located right at the top of the Bay of All Saints and is therefore often called São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos. Although Brazil is mainly a nature travel country, there are a few very interesting cities: the first capital of Brazil with its UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of them!

Salvador (Brazil)
Salvador (Brazil)

A steep cliff divides the city into two halves: the Cidade Alta “Upper Town” and the Cidade Baixa “Lower Town”. The two districts are connected by the Palno-Inclinado cable car, the “Elevador Lacerda” and the steep “Ladeiras”. in 1985, the Cidade Alta and the historic center Pelourinho were declared cultural and humanitarian heritage by UNESCO.

In addition to a lot of culture, the city of Salvador also has an endlessly long bathing coast to offer. Walking through these alone takes almost a whole day, you get stuck at one or the other sight on the way.

In Salvador de Bahia in Brazil you will encounter the colorful and lively cultural scene of the country. Pulsating rhythms, boundless joie de vivre and colorful festivals mix here to create an ideal backdrop for those interested in culture. But a little relaxation is also a must on holiday and so the nearby dream beaches invite you to take a long bath under the Brazilian sun.

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