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Where is Saipan Located

What country does Saipan belong to?

The United States includes an island that you probably don’t have on your radar yet: Saipan. The little paradise in the Pacific is supposed to be the most beautiful island in the USA. Sunbathers, underwater adventurers and history buffs have won the absolute top prize on Saipan, the largest and most developed island in the Northern Mariana Islands. The golden beaches and the spectacular diving sites alone would be enough to visit this territory of the USA, but the restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, shopping facilities, monuments and golf courses are also convincing arguments.


The U.S. Virgin Islands is probably the most famous overseas territory of the United States. You may have heard of the island group of American Samoa in the South Pacific or the island of Guam in the West Pacific. But do you already know the US overseas territory of the Northern Mariana Islands? If the name sounds familiar to you, it is probably because of the Mariana Trench, the lowest point on Earth, which is located east of the island chain. On the other hand, Saipan is less well known: if you drive east from the Philippines with your finger on the map, you will come across the island, which hardly anyone outside the USA

Is Saipan USA territory?
What language is spoken on Saipan?
Is Saipan in the Philippines?

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