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Where is Sabadell Located

It is located at an altitude of 190 m., it is co-capital along with Terrassa of the Vallés Occidental region, on the banks of the Ripoll River. It is located next to the C-58 between Cerdanyola del Vallés (7 km.) and Terrassa (12 Km.), 22 km. from Barcelona, and 606 km. from Madrid. Its inhabitants are called Sabadellenses.

Where is Sabadell Located
Where is Sabadell Located

Sabadell has more than 210,000 inhabitants and is co-capital of the Vallès Occidental, having a strategic location in Catalonia. Just twenty kilometers from Barcelona, it leads the conurbation in the surroundings of the Catalan metropolis that makes up a privileged area of Southern Europe.

Emerged from the bank of the Ripoll River, Sabadell is now a dynamic and active city with services and spaces of calm. The old town retains many of the old facades and at the same time has become a reference shopping area. Known as the “Catalan Manchester” for its textile legacy since the mid-nineteenth century, it has maintained fireplaces and steamers, while diversifying its activity towards the service sector. Sabadell and its surroundings have become one of the most important centers of business attraction and innovation and knowledge initiatives in the Mediterranean arc.

The first Roman settlements were in the first century BC, on the already existing ancient Iberians.
In the S.I being August emperor, in the ex votos of Vicarella they make reference to the village of Arragonem, in the current Parque de la Salut, being a stopping place for the refreshment of the cavalry and of the travelers that transited by the Via Augusta.
In 1950 the name of Sabadell appears for the first time, when a road between Sabadell and Sant Cugat del Vallés is mentioned.
In the fourteenth century it was a royal villa and was surrounded by walls, pits and portals.
In 1559 the Gremi de Paraires (Guild of Manufacturers) of textile activity was created.
In 1838 the first steam engine was installed in a textile factory.
In 1877 the specialization in the production of wool fabrics, make it the first wool textile center in Spain.

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