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Where is Royl Garage Located

This Sunday, October 6th, Madrid will vibrate with violin sounds. Ara Malikian presents his latest show ‘Royal Garage World Tour’ at the WiZink Center, with which he will present all the sounds of his most recent work.

Royal Garage is the name of the latest album by the Lebanese musician. A title with a great meaning, since it refers to his rehearsals in the garages during the 1970s, after the outbreak of the Lebanon War. It is a trip to 1976, when he went down to the garage with his father and together they listened to the classics of the moment and “created” their own band like those that are born in the empty garages of the basements of the houses.

Where is Royl Garage Located
Where is Royl Garage Located

This very personal work, in which the violinist will sing for the first time, consists of 19 tracks and national and international artists such as Bunbury, Kase O, Franco Battiato, Serj Tankian, Pablo Milanés and Andrés Calamaro have participated in it. In addition, it has a booklet of 36 pages taken by Anton Corbijn and a fold-out poster with the first digital photograph taken by the photographer.

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