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Where is Roseau Located

Roseau – the capital of Dominica – is located in a narrow strip of land, framed by the blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea and the lush mountain peaks that rise from the coast. And although it may be the largest city on the island, it feels more like a picturesque city, lost to the rhythm of tropical life.

Where is Roseau Located
Where is Roseau Located

You’ll want to explore Roseau on foot, especially since many of the sights around the cruise dock are adjacent to Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard. A short walk from the port to the center of the city will take you to the Old Market with the vendors selling fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs, baskets and souvenirs made from coconut shells.

What country does Dominica belong to?
What parish is Roseau?
What is Roseau Dominica known for?
Where is the island of Dominica?

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