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Where is Qingdao Located

The port city of Qingdao is located in the east of the People’s Republic of China. Qingdao is a Chinese city with a population of millions, which is developing rapidly economically. The city in Shandong Province is one of the few major seaside resorts in China. Some even refer to it as “Naples on the Yellow Sea”. If the first syllable of the name means “green and lush”, Qingdao has also been entitled “most liveable city in mainland China” since 2009.

Where is Qingdao Located
Where is Qingdao Located

Once a German colonial trading post, buildings from the colonial era are still preserved today. Otherwise, the cityscape is characterized by high-rise buildings. As a deep-sea port, Qingdao is important for the oil processing industry, the city is also known for the processing of fish, the production of textiles and tires. Noteworthy is the large-scale production of musical instruments. The world-famous and constantly expanding Qingdao brewery dates back to a German foundation in 1903. Inspired by the Oktoberfest, the city celebrates the Qingdao Beer Festival every year. The Ocean University of China in Qingdao is the national competence center for marine engineering and fisheries. In addition: the sailing competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing were held off the coast of Qingdao.

Where is Qingdao in China?

A port partnership has been in place with Qingdao in China since March 1992. The friendship agreement between the port authorities of the city of Qingdao and the city of Wilhelmshaven included the exchange of port specialists and cooperation in the establishment of a scheduled connection for general cargo and containers between the two cities. Furthermore, Wilhelmshaven helped the port partner to set up a Qingdao port representative office in the city, which opened an office in Wilhelmshaven from 1995 to 1997.
The city of Qingdao literally means “Green Island” and is a metropolis with around 2.15 million inhabitants, in whose metropolitan area almost 7 million inhabitants live. Surrounded by the sea on three sides and bordering the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is an important port for foreign trade in northern China. It is China’s third largest port city, with a multi-purpose port for crude oil, bulk cargo, containers and general cargo.

Qingdao is the largest city of Shandong Province and is located on the east coast of China, southeast of the capital Beijing. In 1898 it was founded as a German colony, at that time still under the name “Tsingtau”. The old German name is known to this day by the famous beer, which has been brewed here since 1903 according to the German Purity Law. Today, “Tsingtao” Beer is the largest brewery in the People’s Republic and the tenth largest brewery in the world. The time as a German colony was very formative for the city. Even today, large parts of the city still have a German character, which has led to Qingdao being considered a “German city” in China.

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