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Where is Pyongyang Located

North Korea is a country located in the north of the Korean Peninsula, between the Yellow and Japanese Seas. The country has a total area of 120,540 km2 and a total coastal length of 2,495 km. This landmass corresponds to approximately 34% of the size of Germany. This makes North Korea the 23rd smallest country in Asia and 99th in the world. More than half of the inhabitants (63%) live within the cities. About one in eight people live in Pyongyang.

Where is Pyongyang Located
Where is Pyongyang Located
What country is Pyongyang located in
What country is Pyongyang located in

North Korea is comparatively low at an average altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The highest mountain peak (Paektu-san) is located at an altitude of 2,744 meters. The country includes 3,579 partially uninhabited islands. There are direct national borders with the 3 neighboring countries China, South Korea and Russia. The distance between Berlin and the capital Pyongyang is approximately 7,940 km.

What country is Pyongyang located in?

Pyongyang and Pyeongchang – the similar wording can cause confusion. But one is not the German name of the other, but two different places on the Korean Peninsula.

Despite the similar wording, the two geographical terms refer to regions that are almost 300 kilometers apart and are very far apart, especially in the political context of the Korean conflict.

Is Pyongyang north or South Korea?
Can foreigners go to Pyongyang?
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