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Where is Porto Located

Porto on the Rio Douro, just a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, has a beautiful old town, which rightfully belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Porto is the only major Portuguese city besides Lisbon. Around 240,000 people now live in the secret capital of Portugal.

Where is Porto Located
Where is Porto Located

Like Lisbon, Porto is a city on the river just before its mouth into the sea. The Douro, which originates in the northern Spanish Picos de Urbión, is known for the Alto Douro wine region, where the port wine growing area is located. The port wine is also one of the reasons why Porto is the most important business location of Portugal.

But there is a lot to experience in Porto not only economically, but also culturally. In addition to the numerous sights and museums, you can go shopping or have a delicious meal in Porto.

Why you should go to Porto: The city is perfect for a city trip. There is a lot to see, the paths are short, the sea is not far away. And a glass of port wine is always possible.

What you should definitely do in Porto: explore the beautiful old town, have a port wine tasting in the wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia, drive to the nearby beaches of the Costa Verde.

The Portuguese Porto delights with old churches, a lively historical center and beautiful beaches in the area. The city is also known for port wine. You can read about the magic of Portugal’s second largest metropolis here.

The capital Lisbon, the Algarve as a surfer’s paradise and port wine – these are three things that come to many people’s mind when they think of Portugal. At the last point, the mental leap to the city of Porto is not far away. It is located directly on the Atlantic coast and is traditionally closely associated with port wine. The grapes for the Vinho do Porto are grown in the Alto Douro, a valley on the Douro River. For a long time, the wines were transported to Porto for storage and shipment. The port city was the gateway to the world for the winegrowers.

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