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Where is Porto Alegre Located

Porto Alegre is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the southernmost major city in Brazil. From Porto Alegre it is not far to Argentina and Uruguay, which is why the inhabitants also call themselves Gaúchos and the cultural influences of the two neighboring countries are clearly noticeable.

Where is Porto Alegre Brazil?

Porto Alegre is located on the huge Lagoa dos Patos (duck lagoon), a good 100 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. This is where the economic heart of the Brazilian South beats. The centre of Porto Alegre is the Mercado Público, a lively and colourful square with many shops and bars.

Where is Porto Alegre Brazil
Where is Porto Alegre Brazil

Porto Alegre is an inland port in the south of Brazil and is located on the Rio Guaíba. The 17-meter-high Açorianos Monument, which represents the front part of a ship, commemorates the founding of the city by the Portuguese in 1772. In addition to Spaniards, Africans, Jews and Arabs, migrants from Italy, Poland and Germany immigrated in the 19th century. These had a decisive influence on the architecture and cuisine of the city. In addition, Porto Alegre is also known for the Gaúcho culture. Don’t miss a visit to one of the numerous Centros de Tradicao Gaúcha (CTG), where gaúcho music and traditional dances are presented.

Porto Alegre, the capital of the Gaúchos, as the Brazilian cowboy is called, as well as the entire surrounding area, is characterized by European immigrants. The city is the entrance gate for tourists who visit relatives and ancestors here and maintain contacts.

The “Gaúcho City” is characterized by numerous neoclassical buildings, including, for example, the Mercádo Publico, which is an ideal starting point for a tour of the city. The market was built in 1869 and offers its visitors typical regional products as well as numerous food stalls and restaurants. Those interested in culture are drawn to the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana and the Igreja N.S. das Dores, the oldest church in the city. A very popular meeting place is also the Praca da Matritz, where you can also find the Teatro Sao Pedro, which is known for its huge chandeliers. Also worth seeing is the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, which presents an impressive collection of international and national artists. The roof terrace of the Usina do Gasometro is an insider tip, as you can enjoy a fantastic view of the surroundings from there.

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