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Where is Ponce (Puerto Rico) Located

Which country is Ponce Puerto Rico located?

The municipality of Ponce is located in the southern area of Puerto Rico. Its territory covers 115.69 square miles (299.63 km2). It is also known as the “Pearl of the South“, the ”Stately City“, ”the lions“ and the ”City of the quenepa”. According to the 2000 census, its general population was 186,475 ponceños; this is distributed in the neighborhoods: Anón, Bucaná, Canas, Capitanejo, Cerrillos, Coto Laurel, Cuarto, Guaraguao, Machuelo Abajo, Machuelo Arriba, Magueyes, Maragüez, Marueño, Montes Llanos, Playa, Portugués, Primero, Quebrada Limón, Quinto, Real, Sabanetas, San Antón, San Patricio, Segundo, Sexto, Tercer, Tibes and Vayas. Its patron saint is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Where is Ponce (Puerto Rico) Located
Where is Ponce (Puerto Rico) Located
Ponce (Puerto Rico)
Ponce (Puerto Rico)

Ponce is one of the most developed municipalities on the island. It has factories of electronic machinery, electrical and communication equipment, food and pharmaceutical products, cement, scientific instruments. It also manufactures leather goods, clothing and has factories for the production of fishmeal. In the agricultural field, the production of coffee – the most important –, bananas, guineos, oranges and grapefruits, among others, stands out. Other economic sources are the provision of public and private services, finance, trade and construction.

On the other hand, the city stands out for the following buildings: the Bombas Park (1882); the Cathedral, the La Perla Theater (partially destroyed by the earth tremor of 1918 and rebuilt in 1941), the Art Museum, the Serrallés mansion and the Cruz del Vigía. The Indigenous Ceremonial Park in the Tibes neighborhood and the Caja de Muertos Island Lighthouse dating back to 1880 also belongs to this municipality. As for its natural resources, Ponce has the Toro Negro State Forest, El Tuque beach, the Caja de Muertos Island nature reserve and its Pelícano and Blanca beaches.

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