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Where is Phoenix Located

Phoenix, the capital of the “Grand Canyon States” Arizona, is not necessarily one of the top places on the list of the most popular destinations for tourists from Europe, because the high temperatures scare off many holidaymakers. It’s true that it’s not exactly cool, especially during the summer months, but it’s still worth a detour to Phoenix. The city with its many modern, air-conditioned high-rise buildings and shopping centers still scores with a nostalgic cowboy and gold digger atmosphere.

Where is Phoenix Located
Where is Phoenix Located

Phoenix is located approximately at the height of San Diego in the southwestern United States in the so-called Solar Valley, i.e. the Valley of the Sun. In fact, the sun shines here on 312 days of the year and the thermometer usually shows at least 38 ° C during the day in the months from May to September and not infrequently even above 45 ° C. But since it is an extremely dry desert air, the heat is much more bearable than in other parts of the world. Statistically, rain only falls on three days per month, which is definitely an advantage for many outdoor activities. Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the USA and where endless cattle pastures stretched a few decades ago, there are now state-of-the-art building complexes. There are several interesting museums in Phoenix, so that during a stay not only outdoor activities have to be on the program, but also cultural experiences are possible.

Are the following descriptions pleasing? The sky seems bigger to the viewer, the stars shine brighter and the sunset takes your breath away. If this makes for positive thoughts, then you should consider paying a visit to the capital Phoenix in the state of Arizona. Or to move his residence there immediately.

The county seat of Phoenix is Maricopa County. Maricopa County is one of Arizona’s 15 counties. Many of these districts find their origin among the Native Americans. For example, the Maricopa Indians are the descendants of the Hohokam culture, which can refer to a history of more than 1,000 years.

But Phoenix itself can also show off with a few superlatives. For example, the Square in the Sun is the sixth largest city in the USA, since 1980 the number of inhabitants has almost doubled from just under 800,000 to almost 1,500,00.

Despite the subtropical desert climate, Phoenix gained more and more popularity. The daily temperature is often above 30 degrees in the months from April to October, if you like it even hotter, you should visit Phoenix from June to August. The 40 degree mark is also gladly cracked during this period.

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Where is Phoenix Country?
Is Phoenix a state or city?
Is Phoenix a good place to live?

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