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Where is Ottawa Located

Ottawa (about 883,000 inhabitants) is located in the province of Ontario on the Ottawa River, a tributary of the St. Lawrence River, in eastern Canada. Although it is the capital of Canada, the city has a rather tranquil flair. The city is bilingual: English and French. The city offers many parks, beautiful town houses, the imposing parliament building and the 92 m high Peace Tower. Worth seeing, for example. also the Museum of Civilization, which vividly depicts the history of the settlement of the country. Downtown Ottawa is easy to explore on foot. After exploring it is worth to visit the Major’s Hill Park and linger here a little. It is located directly on the Rideau Canal.

Where is Ottawa Located
Where is Ottawa Located

The capital of Canada is located in the east of the province of Ontario on the border with Québec. On the other side of the Ontario River is the predominantly French-speaking Gatineau. in 1857, Queen Victoria, who was also the head of the Canadian provinces, raised the remote city to the capital. This decision was met with a lot of misunderstanding, since the city, named after the tribe of the Outaouak Indians, had led a shadowy existence. Due to its location on the English-French language border, it is acceptable for both parts of the population of Canada. Today there is a lively cultural life and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, to which the many immigrants contribute.

Is Ottawa in Quebec or Ontario?
Where is Ottawa located in us?
Is Ottawa near Toronto?
Is Ottawa a city in USA?

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