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Where is Oregon Located

Oregon belongs to the region of the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America and has the nickname Beaver State (Beaver State). The capital is Salem. The largest city is Portland.

With an area of 255,026 square kilometers, Oregon is the ninth largest state in the USA. Its territory is on average 1,005 meters above sea level. The highest elevation is the 3,425-meter-high Mount Hood. The lowest point is at sea level on the Pacific coast.

Where is Oregon Located
Where is Oregon Located

To the north, Oregon borders on Washington. A large part of this border is formed by the course of the Columbia River, which has a total length of 1,953 kilometers. To the east is Idaho. Part of this border is marked by the Snake River, the length of which is 1,674. Southern neighbors are Nevada and California. To the west, Oregon abuts the Pacific Ocean.

The rainy west of Oregon is determined by two mountain ranges running in a north-south direction: the coastal mountain range and the cascade Range. The coastal mountains are one of a number of mountain ranges that run along the North American Pacific coast and range from Mexico to Alaska. There are still many active volcanoes in the northern part of these mountain ranges.
The cascade chain runs parallel to it. The mountain range, which is up to 4,400 meters high, is also of volcanic origin and runs from the south of British Columbia via Washington and Oregon to northern California.

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