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Where is Oranjestad Located

Which country is Oranjestad located?

Oranjestad known as Orange City is the largest capital of Aruba. It is located near the western tip of the island county on the south coast. Oranjestad is also referred to as “Playa” in the local language. The small parts of the city were formed from a succession of extensions of the land to the sea made by people. The adjacent Queen and present Renaissance Market Place belong to this extended land area.

Where is Oranjestad Located
Where is Oranjestad Located

As a lively port city, Oranjestad invites you to stroll through its shopping streets and shopping centers full of international luxury brands, boutiques and fine jewelry. The path is lined with fascinating and beautifully renovated historical buildings such as the green town hall (“Stadhuis”), where wedding ceremonies are also held.

Is Oranjestad Aruba nice?
What country owns Aruba?
Is Aruba a part of Mexico?

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