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Where is Odense Located

The capital of the southern Danish island of Funen is often referred to as the “garden of Denmark” due to its diverse flora. In addition, Odense is known far beyond the national border as a “fairy-tale city”. She owes this nickname to the poet and writer Hans Christian Andersen, who was born here. A stroll through the city leads past sculptures from Andersen’s fairy-tale world and lets the visitor walk in the footsteps of the famous writer.

Where is Odense Located
Where is Odense Located

Odense and its inhabitants
Odense is the largest city on the island of Funen in the region of southern Denmark with a population of 179,601, making it the third largest city in Denmark after Copenhagen and Århus.
The island of Funen is located in the Baltic Sea between the Danish mainland and the island of Zealand. With a size of 2,985 square kilometers, it is Denmark’s third largest island behind Zealand and Vendsyssel-Thy.

Which country is Odense Denmark?
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