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Where is Nuremberg Located

Nuremberg is a district-free city in Middle Franconia. With around 520,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the Free State of Bavaria after Munich. Nuremberg is currently showing significant growth, so that the city is currently one of the 15 largest German cities.

Where is Nuremberg Located
Where is Nuremberg Located

In the following lines, both important and interesting facts about the Frankish city were collected.

Nuremberg is the largest city in Franconia with almost 510,000 inhabitants and an area of 186.5 square kilometers. The urban area extends on both sides of the Pegnitz, which divides the city into a northern and a southern half.

Geographical location:
Wolff’s Town hall in the city centre
11°04’43” estl. Length
49°27’20” nördl. Width

Altitude above sea level:
Lowest point: district Kleingründlach: 284 m
Highest point: Brunn district: 408 m
Main railway station: 309 m
Castle Hill: 352 m
Schmausenbuck: 390 m

What is Nuremberg known for?
Is Nuremberg the capital of Germany?
Is Nuremberg close to Berlin?

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