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Where is Nuku’alofa Located

What country is Nuku Alofa?

Nuku’alofa, located on the north coast of the island of Tongatapu, is the capital of Tonga. Here is also the seat of government of the island state. Around 35,000 people live in Nuku’alofa, which corresponds to about a third of the total population. Most of the inhabitants are Polynesians.

Where is Nuku'alofa Located
Where is Nuku’alofa Located

Worth seeing, for example. the Royal Palace, built from New Zealand Norfolk pines. Since this is the seat of the Tongan king, of course, only an outdoor visit is possible. If you want, you can take a trip to Vakaloa Beach or a boat trip to Pangaimotu from Nuku’alofa. Translated, the name Nuku’alofa means “homeland of love”. If you are looking for a nightlife on the Tongas, you are in the right place here in the city. There is even a cinema – by the way, the only one on the Tongas.

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What is the capital city of Nuku Alofa?

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